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Our suite of cybersecurity services provide streamlined solutions to complex security problems.

In our increasingly digitized, connected world, companies need to protect their data and  protect against potential cybersecurity attacks. SecureSight experts can work with you to identify, assess and manage your cybersecurity risks. Our experts will guide you through a self-assessment. SecureSight is also equipped to help you meet any cybersecurity requirements necessary for your business.

A cybersecurity assessment of your business provides the deliverables you need to understand your company’s cybersecurity status.

  • Completion of Assessment: An assessment at the beginning of the entire process serves as a focal point for all proof documentation. This lays out the requirements your company must follow. A gap analysis is included to help your company understand how well it is currently implementing security protections.
  • Plan of Action and Milestones: Plans are made for how to implement corrections within your business and ultimately reach compliance.
  • Incident Response Plan: The incident response plan provides your company with ways of identifying and handling cyberattacks. The seven-step plan includes preparation for future incidents, identification of incidents, containment of issues, investigation, eradication, recovery and follow-up.

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A Special Message From Our CEO

Ryan Keller

As global tensions rise, cyberattacks on American organizations are becoming very frequent and more costly than ever before.

Downtime, reputational harm and expensive ransoms are risks every organization faces no matter their size. Preventing these threats requires tenacity and great vision. Our SecureSight EagleEye Platform watches from the cloud and strikes threats before they disrupt your day.